Upgrades to the Intersection of Barracks Road and Emmet Street.

These upgrades are part of a multi-year plan to improve transportation throughout the Charlottesville community. The project includes three main improvements: the addition of a shared use path to connect to future trails, new turn lanes to eliminate traffic volume at the intersection, and safer pedestrian and cyclist mobility. More details can be found below. Funding for this project comes from Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) Smart Scale program.



Bike Facilities

Bike facilities will be constructed in two places at the intersection and tie into a future trail along Meadowbrook Road. One will be constructed along Emmet Street south of Barracks Road and turn east along the northside of Barracks Road. The second will be constructed on the south side of Barracks Road up to Hilltop Road.


New Turn Lanes

With new development along the corridor, right turn lanes will be added to the northbound Emmet Street (Rt. 29 corridor) and westbound Barracks Road. This will involve relocating one traffic pole and acquisition of right of way.


Pedestrian Safety

Improvements are being made for safer bike and pedestrian crossings that include the implementation of pedestrian refuge islands across both streets to allow walkers and cyclists more comfort as they cross the street. Improvements are also being made to an existing bus stop that includes a full bus pull off and shelter.

The Design Team

Lead by Timmons Group located on Preston Ave in Charlottesville, the design team for this project includes several local, small, minority, and woman owned business that are vibrant parts of the local community.

Steering Committee

  • Navarre Bartz, Bike & Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • Brian Menard, Tree Commission
  • Lyle Solla- Yates, Planning Commission and Entrance Corridor Review Board
  • Andrew Mondschein, PLACE Design Task Force
  • Mary Hughes, UVA Office of Architect
  • Dan Butch, Albemarle County – Sr. Planner -Transportation
  • Thomas Funari, Barracks Road Shopping Center (Property Manager)
  • Tim Heaphy, Venable NA
  • Nancy Summer, Meadowbrooks Hills/ Rugby NA
  • James Chang, The Meadows NA
  • Holly Mason, Barracks Road (Property Owner) / Venable NA
  • Ashley Davies, Riverbend Development (CVS/CAVA Rep)
  • Clara Belle Wheeler, Meadowbrook Shopping Center

Technical Committee

  • Joey Winter, NDS , Neighborhood Planner
  • Jay Davis, Fire, Fire Marshal
  • Andrew Baxter, Fire, Chief
  • Brennen Duncan, NDS, Traffic Engineer
  • Tony Edwards, NDS, NDS Manager
  • Carrie Rainey, NDS, Urban Designer
  • Alex Ikefuna, NDS, Director
  • Juwhan Lee, CAT, Assistant Transit Manager
  • John Mann, Landscape Manager
  • Jason McIlwee, PU, Civil Engineer
  • Amandy Poncy, NDS, Bike & Ped Coordinator
  • Michael Ronayne, City Forester/City Arborist
  • William Sclafani, Police, Officer
  • Martin Silman, Public Works
  • Melissa Stephens, Public Utilities
  • Chris Sibold, NDS, Asst. City Engineer